What We Do

  • work with any company selling services or products who want to help you pay for it more easily. It could be things you buy online, in shops, or services like regular hairdressing, business services like accountancy or plumbing. It could even help you buy a used car!
  • once you agree with them that you want to pay monthly, you register with us and create a payment plan which we collect on their behalf. so your main agreement is always with them – we just act as their agent in administering your payment plan.
    there is sometimes a small monthly admin fee, but often it’s completely free. the company you want to buy something from will tell you what the monthly fees are before you agree to pay using FlexPay
  • if the services/products you buy is used on an ongoing basis but has an end date, (like an education course), providing there are no gaps in the supply period of the product or service, you can take a payment plan until the end date of the supply period regardless of how long that is. If there is a gap, the maximum time you can pay over is 12 months. If the product/service has a continuous supply period until you decide to end it your payment plan can be a continuous one (like subscription fees). but if the product/service has been supplied in full to you at the time you decide to pay for it monthly using FlexPay, the maximum period of the entire payment plan will be 12 months
  • you have to agree that you understand you may be charged more if you don’t keep up your payments and that we are running the payment plan on your supplier’s behalf at all times – but that’s basically it
  • FlexPay isn’t credit – so there are no credit checks and no interest charges!

I want to buy something now. how can I use FlexPay?

you can use our quick check to see whether the company you want to buy something from is using FlexPay at the moment.

if they’re not we’ll invite them to join – then with your consent, put you in touch with them. simple!

FlexPay is a trading name of Oriel Collections Limited.