Our fees

  • are based on an admin charge per month of payment plan that your customer elects to take within the criteria described in “how it works”
  • if you’re supplying services or products where supply is continuous and therefore, a 12 month payment plan isn’t suitable, your customer can select a 12 month plan and  repeat it  every 12 months.
  • when we get receive your application we’ll tell you what the monthly admin fee is and if you can request your customer pays it or not. But if you have supplied a service or product in full to the customer who wants to pay it off via a payment plan, you will always need to pay our monthly admin fee.
  • the monthly admin fee depends on factors such as the volume and value of business you send us, the degree of limitation you place on payment plan length and the risk profile of your business, industry and customers. Once you receive our proposed fees for the service you are of course, under no obligation to accept them.
  • the admin fees can be collected monthly with each payment instalment, or all with the first payment if they are being collected from the customer. We’ll advise you about this. However if we are collecting the admin fees from you, it is almost certain that we will need the admin fees for the whole plan paid as soon as your customer sets up their payment plan with us.