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Bite sized payments

The easy way for companies like yours to get paid!

Your business services may be vital for your clients, but your fees may be hard to pay all at once.

Use FlexFees and offer your clients easy monthly payments managed by us.

No red tape and it’s completely free to you!

Risk minimised. No mandatory credit checks

There is no loan involved. The fees remain our client's risk, but our credit control structure ensures defaults are resolved before becoming issues.
We can credit-score customers with their and our client's consent to put minds at rest but it's always our client's decision.

Simple Set-Up and Admin Fees

Our clients refer their customers securely online. The customer receives a link to set up their payment plan within agreed parameters. We collect all the payments and take our admin fee with the first one. We then remit funds to the client whenever and however they want with no fee whatsoever. It's so simple!