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Why should I use FlexEd?

If you want to spread your payments, many education providers only offer limited instalment payments. FlexEd allows you to spread them throughout the year!

What happens if my fees cover a period of longer than one year?

You have to complete your FlexEd PayPlan at least 31 days before your course, rent period, trip etc ends. So you pay the first years fees, completing your payments before the end of the academic year, then start a second PayPlan for year 2, and so on.

How much does it cost me to use FlexEd?

It depends on the education provider. If you call us on 01242 508603 or email us at with the name of your college or university, we’ll tell you if they’re running FlexEd and what the admin fees for a PayPlan will be. Or you can check directly with them.

A six month plan, for example, will normally cost £36 including VAT. You are spreading your payments so this is not a loan and therefore, you are not charged any interest. You can pay by Debit or Credit Card or by Direct Debit, although there may be a small handling fee for Credit Card payments. If you do not have a bank account we can arrange other forms of payment.

Can I use FlexEd online?

You need to register with your education provider for courses, accommodation, trips etc, but if they offer FlexEd, you can then set up your PayPlan online.

I am being part, or fully, sponsored. Can the sponsor pay by FlexEd?

This depends on the education provider. If the information isn’t clear on their website check with them or contact us on 01242 508603 or email us at and we’ll tell you.

How is a FlexEd PayPlan different from taking out a loan?

FlexEd is not a loan, so you don’t pay interest to a lender. Your details are not entered to a database that checks your credit history. So taking a FlexEd payment plan does not affect your credit score. It is an arrangement between your education provider and us which enables you to pay your fees on an affordable monthly basis. We collect these payments under contract to your education provider.

What happens if the PayPlan needs to be stopped for any reason?

You pay your FlexEd fee with the first or second instalment. The education provider will tell us if there’s a change and we’ll refund any part of the fee that represents time you’re not going to be on that course, in residence, on a trip etc. The education provider will refund any unused fees. If there are new fees to pay you contact us and we then make a new FlexEd PayPlan.

What happens if I leave the College/University before my fees have been used up?

You need to check your education provider’s policy on refunds.

How can I track how much I've paid and how much I have to pay?

Once we’ve set up your FlexEd PayPlan, we’ll confirm it all in writing to you. You can then log in to your FlexEd account at and check your balance, paid amounts and dates and due amounts and dates. There’s also a contact email and phone number on there. We’re open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. If we’re not there just leave a message and we’ll call you back when we are. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter, where you can message us directly.

How do I start FlexEd?

You first need to check that the education provider you’d like to go to offers it. If they do you register for FlexEd at the same time as you register for your course / accommodation / trip etc. The education provider may want you to register there and then or they may take an initial payment from you then ask you to register for FlexEd in your own time. If this is the case you’ll normally need to do this within 7 days at our web portal and that’s when you set up your FlexEd PayPlan.

What if the College/University I want to attend doesn't offer FlexEd?

Why not speak to Student Services at your chosen college/ university? They can then contact FlexEd to sign up, so that they offer students FlexEd PayPlans!

Can I pay my fees off quicker?

Yes. There is no penalty for doing this.

Where can I get more information?

Please give us a call on 01242 508603 or e-mail