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What is FlexEd?

A product provided to colleges/universities, which allows them to refer all students who want to pay for courses, accommodation, trips and/or equipment by monthly instalments, to a specialist client fees agency. That’s us.

How do students apply?

At registration. You enter some basic information online then the student completes the registration process either at the same time or later via an email link. They set up their own FlexEd Payplan within the parameters you’ve given us. There is no extra administration.

What does it cost?

Nothing. All we need to do is to set up your online account and you can then start entering students for FlexEd PayPlans!

Can employers / sponsors pay using FlexEd?

That’s entirely your decision. If you decide Yes, the process is straightforward. Following registration in your FlexEd account the employer / sponsor is contacted to set up their FlexEd PayPlan. We can set up a FlexEd PayPlan for both a student and an employer / sponsor to each pay a portion of the fees.

When does the College/University receive their fees?

As soon as each student pays each instalment. It could be monthly, weekly or daily…

How long are the repayment plans?

You can tell us what its maximum times for payment plans are to be or we can arrange with the student. Each plan must be paid off 31 days before the end of their course/period of residency etc.

What happens if a payment is late?

FlexEd is structured to minimise late payments and intensive contact is made by our experienced team to help students and /or their employers or sponsors keep to the arrangements. At all times, the client remains in control of the account and what action should be taken on late payments.

I thought we can only offer four payments because of the Consumer Credit Act regulations?

No. There are strict rules governing how payments are arranged but we manage these for you. There are no adjustments to Learner Agreements required.

I'm worried about explaining how Student Loans work. We don't feel confident about giving advice.

So are other clients offering courses to 18+ adults who haven’t walked down the FlexEd road and now enjoy cash on time at no cost?

Where can I get more information?

Please give us a call on 01242 508603 or e-mail